Got a neat new watch that lets me be a Persona irl.

It also vibrates and notifies me every time someone likes or reblogs one of my posts. That might be a problem.


It’s interesting to note that Ryuuko’s name has like 8 symbolic meanings to it.

First, her name in kanji, hiragana and romaji: 流子 = りゅうこ = Ryuuko
-The straightforward meaning is: = Wandering child, stray child
-The sad hidden meaning is: された= Child that was washed away, abandoned child
-The cool meaning is: = りゅうせい = Meteor child
-The thematically relevant meaning is: 行 = Ryuukou = Fashion
-The self-evident meaning is: りゅうこ = Ryuuko = Hero
-The clever meaning is: りゅうこ = Ryuuko = Two big rivals
-The homage meaning is that Ryuuko’s name is a direct reference to the protagonist of Otokogumi; as you may remember from the original interview, Kill la Kill started as a big homage to Otokogumi. Otokogumi’s hero was called , Nagare. They added the so it would become a girl name: 流子 = Nagare-ko = Girl Nagare; the reason they decided on the Ryuuko reading of the kanji makes it even cooler as a homage and you will see why on the eight meaning.
-The love interest of Otokogumi’s Nagare was called 涼 = うこ = Ryouko; Ryuuko’s name is basically the combination of Ryouko’s and Nagare’s names, as if she was their successor of sorts.

Aslo, in the Febri interview Nakashima himself said to pay attention to the “流された子” meaning and it makes perfect sense now; they probably hinted to it in episode 12 when Isshin said that he has no sense for naming and just calls things what they are. When he found Ryuuko, Isshin literally named her “abandoned child” because that’s exactly what she is.

Speaking of hidden meanings, this month’s NewType spread (pictured) has a whole new sense to it now… specially considering the big red text reads “THE GENE OF REBELLION”.



Model sheet and bio for Mark Landry from Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story. Yes, that’s the bio from the original cut of the movie, back when it was going to take place at the same time as the “return to Earth” arc of The Macross Saga, struck through and rewritten by hand to match the final, pre-Robotech Masters cut of the movie. Wonder whose handwriting that is.

I can’t stop laughing about this for some reason.

It’s like mad libs