One of the problems with following a house style, of course, is that the originator of said style might be old enough to have come of age close to the multiple impacts of western cartooning — and all of its tendencies toward racist caricature — upon the notion of how to ‘correctly’ draw, say, the face of an American black man, leading to pages like these dutifully rolling out of the studio near the tail end of the Shōwa period. I doubt “Takashi Ito” is the experimental filmmaker active at the same time (avowed interest in manga notwithstanding), as ANN lists an artist of the same name among Naoki Urasawa’s assistants in the ’90s - we like to tell ourselves that assistance is apprenticeship, and we’ll realize our own supervision after toil enough, but the skills you build though working in a studio can just as well be the means of fashioning your livelihood, rather than coaxing your evolution into authorship.

(Doll: The Hotel Detective, ch. 3, Fumiyasu Ishikawa, Takashi Ito, Hiro Nishikawa, Taku Koyama, Kazuo Aoki, Kunihiko Yokomizo & Takao Saitō, from layouts by Ishikawa & Saitō, written by Saitō w’ Mitsuo Aimono, c. 1980)


Good news: Crunchyroll is rolling out some old stuff by the creator of Golgo 13, as previously seen on JManga. GREAT NEWS: full credits are provided for this heroine-driven mystery/crime/espionage series, chapter by chapter, so that monoglots can finally appreciate the oft-anonymous hands working the Saitō Pro assembly line! Ishikawa is an oooold-school gekiga dude who dates back to Saitō’s association with Yoshihiro Tatsumi in the 1950s, while Aimono seems to have scripted a smattering of late ’70s/early ’80s Lupin III anime episodes before vanishing into the industrial seinen machinery.

(Doll: The Hotel Detective, ch. 1, Fumiyasu Ishikawa & Takao Saitō, written by Saitō w’ Mitsuo Aimono, c. 1980)


A Death Metal Magical girl to go along with my viking ladies [x] [x]

Despite the fact that my original viking magical girl was me sharing some personal feelings about how I feel about my favourite genre of music, I got of bizarre hate or at least a bunch of people getting super snotty at me about that Valkyrie Yuuki comic existing already. Because hoW DARE I do my own version dealing with my own personal feelings about how I feel. 

So since viking/pagan/folk metal is where I got when in a good mood, death metal is where I go when I’m pissed. So I like this idea of these magical girl being the cavalry that gets called in when she gets tough. She’s fly in when she hears someone talking shit, spit blood in their face and then deliver the heads of her enemies to the feet of all our lovely viking girls.

[tagging for blood and gore. Let me know if I need to cover any more tags] 



"Answer Comics" for uguuwaifu no:

"Too Much High Power, Man" is a very interesting mondai. It’s both exciting, because High Power, but also troubling. In case of Super Robot Battle gamesoft, it is encouraged to get many kills quickly to become ACE. But then I worry about what to do with ACE pilots afterwards. It is not very good to still give ACE many kills, desho? But do I tell ACE pilots that they can no longer battle, even though ACE makes them better at battle?

Though it’s “The Robot War,” it’s also various SRPG gamesoft like “Ouch, that’s Hot! Emblem.” If one hito gets all the XP, it’ll be bad every time! Let’s distribute it orderly, like butter for toast.

Ryoma-san’s high power.

"I’m Wind."

You’re strong too!! Aoi-chan!

My question got answered!  DOMO ARIGATOU, KAWAIIKOCHANS!

Sailor Moon just got put on Hulu and i decided to give it a watch.  The subtitle font seemed kinda small for my tastes, then I noticed that Hulu has options you can change for their subtitles.  I had a bit of fun with that.